I would like to say it was a hell of task to built a clone without the API. We went ahead and built our own API. we also used mongodb atlas this time.

We faced many challenges this time as I had trouble with my laptop. My laptop broke down one day before we started our project and I was struggling during our entire project. but my other teammates did all they could and made it all come through.

we used react for the frontend part of the project. we used mongodb for the database.

Main Landing page

this was our main landing page where the user can see the ongoing offers and promotions.



We built a clone of Medium using React, redux and some UI libraries like Material UI etc.

I was very worried at first about how can we pull off a website that has so many layers and components to it. But as a team we narrowed it down and decided to build only select features and functionalities due to time and manpower constraints.

Below are some of the key snapshots from the project that we built.

Above is the main landing page where is you can go inside individual blogs and read them.



Masai School really gives a great opportunity for students to get hands on learning and land a job as a developer.


We had a task to build HappyFox clone. We faced many challenges and we tried our best.


Coming to the experience we must say it was a great experience we went through many hurdles, and at the end of the day we were very excited to build such a great product.

we distributed the task of making home page on the first day and then we built the website as we go.

Team Copper

Ashish Huddar
Narsimhulu Vasam
Aditya rout